The Game of THINGS... Original Instructions


1 Response Pad

1 Score Pad

10 Pencils

300 Topic Cards


The TRUE objective of the game is LAUGHTER, but if you are concerned about WINNING... then in each round PLAYERS try to eliminate each other by matching a PLAYER to a RESPONSE until eventually, only one player remains.


  1. Select a READER for the first round. The READER chooses one TOPIC CARD and reads it ALOUD.

  2. All PLAYERS (including the READER) write a response to the topic on one perforated section of the RESPONSE PAD, fold it twice to conceal what is written and put it into the box.

    NOTE: There are NO CORRECT ANSWERS! So you may write whatever you please, from one word to as many sentences that you can fit on your slip of paper.

  3. The READER then reads all the responses ALOUD once and then a second time so that the PLAYERS can remember them (You need only remember a FEW KEYWORDS of each response rather than WORD-FOR-WORD). You CANNOT write the responses down and the READER CANNOT read them again.

    NOTE: If there are eight or more PLAYERS the READER REREADS the remaining responses when one-half of the PLAYERS have been eliminated from the round. We can't expect your MEMORY to be that sharp. After all this is a GAME not an EXAM.

  4. The PLAYER to the LEFT of the READER now has the first guess as to who wrote what response. This GUESSER chooses ONE RESPONSE and tries to match it up with ONE PLAYER. If his/her guess is CORRECT, the PLAYER who wrote the response is eliminated from the round and the GUESSER has the opportunity to guess again and try to knock out another PLAYER. If the GUESSER guesses INCORRECTLY he/she is still in the round but the play passes to the PLAYER on his/her LEFT. You remain in the round until someone matches you up with your response.

    NOTE: If a PLAYER cannot remember any of the remaining responses they must pass the guess to the next PLAYER but they still remain in the round until they are matched to their own response.

  5. The ROUND ENDS when only one PLAYER has not been matched to his/her response.

  6. The GAME ENDS when each PLAYER has had a chance to be the READER.


  • 1 POINT is awarded for each correct guess during a round.
  • 6 POINTS are awarded to the PLAYER who is left at the end of the round (i.e., no one has guessed what that PLAYER wrote).
  • In the event of a tie, if the remaining PLAYERS agree, they may split the 6 points. (this only occurs when the final PLAYERS left at the end of a round cannot remember the otherís responses).
  • The PLAYER with the most POINTS at the end of the GAME is the WINNER.


  • There are no OFFICIAL TIME LIMITS but try not to THINK TOO LONG or the other PLAYERS could resort to HUMOUROUS VERBAL ABUSE. If they are waiting for you then just write whatever comes to mind (you may surprise yourself and have others scratching their heads).
  • THINGS… can be played by PLAYERS OF ANY AGE who can READ & WRITE. Children tend to take the game in a different direction than teens or adults.
  • If your HANDWRITING is distinctive then try to disguise it.
  • THINGS… can be played with FOUR PLAYERS and up. The odds of guessing correctly obviously get better with FEWER PLAYERS. The odds of funnier responses get better with MORE PLAYERS. So donít be afraid to try 8, 12, 15 or more.
  • REMEMBER: There are NO CORRECT ANSWERS. These are TOPICS, not questions, therefore, PLAYERS are writing RESPONSES, not answers. PLAYERS can write what THEY would normally write. They can write what another PLAYER might write. They can LIE. They can write WHATEVER THEY WANT.

    But the way to get the most enjoyment out of THINGS... is to just LET YOURSELF GO & ENJOY! You wonít believe the THINGS… youíll hear!